William Manning — Lake Havasu City, Arizona

I met William Manning online 3 years ago. This will be long but I just want to help. He needed a job then. I was a program manager. He got me fired from that job and one other. While I was working the 2nd job he was at home and charging me to keep our newborn son. I was stupid, very stupid and now I found out he cheated all along! Since the beginning he has lied and said he wanted a committed relationship. He kept me in a ring of other girls and cheated on me constantly. If you ask him he will not take an aides test or sexually transmitted diseases test. He will wait till you take one to see if he is clean. I found out he is a swinger and he does something called cuckold. Where he has s*x with other men wives in front of them. I found out he beat his son that is why he was blind. He hit him so hard it formed the injury. He told me his son was raped and he had to go online and look for kiddy p**n to find out if the guy put pic of his son on the net. He has NO MONEY. He is constantly getting fired. Let fire ants crawl up his 1 yr old son arm and bite him as punishment for playing around an ant bed. My son will have those scars for the rest of his little life. He beat me. I had to call the police on him but stupid I dropped the charges. He got kicked out of the marine corp. for 2 DUI”s and breaking in to someone’s room to steal. He can never go back into the military. I caught imp sending p**n pics of himself to people and web cam. He took s*x addiction classes but that did not last long. He was always talking to ex girlfriends. He has no degree, he is unemployed and the last straw I caught him cheating on the net. I tried to make it work but he can’t commit to one person. He is a waste.


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