Stephanie B Holmes — Athens, Alabama

Stephanie Holmes Athens, Alabama works at Coilplus AI. She messes with younger married men that she works in an office with her. She pretends to be friends but it’s really friends with benefits only problem it’s with your married husband. Stephanie B Holmes. She pretends to be a Christian while she messes around with married coworkers.


  1. Lanna

    Apparently she does not mind sharing the man she has been seeing- I know who it is. He has been still sleeping with his wife and many other of us. Texting/calling/emailing and meeting up with us/ You can keep the lying cheating no go for nothing d!ck. Not that good anyways. It will catch up with him.

  2. Tarah

    Easy targets. Jokes on her-he is not a faithful person and still sneaking around with others. I should know I am one of them too.

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