Martha Castro — Santa Ana, California

Her name Martha Castro but she just a Hoe to me and other ladies who are already in a relationship. She know she dead wrong to be messing with married mens but that don’t stop her a*s from being a triflin a*s f**k stain on your man if she get the chance. She a side Hoe to more than one lyin d**k an don’t mind if they buy her a drink knowin they just lookin to bust one off in her mouth or on them saggy t*****s she got. I know she ain’t twistin no arms but she got no respect for another woman who tryin to do right by a man who happens to cross paths with this b***h. She even be callin and textin them while they at work to find out if they going to buy her nasty a*s a drink when they get off. I read his texts Hoe and you had to talk his a*s into meeting up with you when he already said no. You nasty like that and I hope Karma get yo a*s girl.

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