Linda Finley — Orlando, Florida

When not a lot of guys hit on you, you go hang with family and see what’s popping. See if maybe they can hook you up with a friend or, like Linda Finley, you start flirting with your cousin’s husband. Then, when your cousin is getting ready to have a baby and not feeling or looking at her sexiest, you start to look like something that a h***y man would hit and quit. Except if he’s a loser and you are a super s**t like Linda, you keep on f*****g your family member and putting your s*x needs above everything that’s socially acceptable and normal. Linda isn’t your normal s**t, she’s deceptive and greedy and willing to steal if it makes her feel like more of a c**t. Her family must be so proud of her lazy a*s, she finally found some c**k.

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