Lauren Welborn — Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Lauren was a nursing student with my husband. She was in clinical with him… Everyone knew in there class what was going on but never told me. January I found her naked pictures on my computer. My husband told me that’s the only think that went on. So later in January his aunt catches him and her in my bed….

Still he wasn’t going to tell me. He then decided when his dad got a hold of him to tell me the truth…. That they had s*x twice in our place. I forgave him for the sake of my child. He promised he wouldn’t talk to her but insisted on doing so. I found out on my birthday they were still talking. This ho and my husband has no regard for family and they both lied to everyone. Make matters worse she is married also to a Wilkes county officer…. They have no regards for what my five year old son has to go through because mommy and daddy aren’t together. Family means nothing to them for what they have done.

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