Kevin Buurma Angileri, Tucson, Arizona

Apparently, I have been stalked on Facebook by the infamous Cyber Extortionist who owns sites like, and many others where he operates his cyber extortion scheme. The photo of me with a purple background was taken from my Facebook profile. I never did anything to him and here he goes posting lies about me. I’m not an escort service and I don’t have any involvement in criminal activities. The “s*x escort” that Angileri labeled is actually based on defamatory posts previously created by my ex-friend, Andre, who’s not my type (the panty boy who likes to send pictures of his panty/thong b**t and d**k pics to random ladies over social media). Also, I’m not associated with the likes of Breitenstein whom I don’t know. This idiot can’t spell when he mistyped out his last name as “Brightenstein”.


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    This douche got out of prison and had to resort to ‘self-employment’ and human destruction when he couldn’t afford snacks by working at Micky D’s. He’s a stay-at-home creep who scandalizes others via the web with scraping and posting lies from,,, and others. Character assassination from a distance with the click of his mouse keeps him fat and sissy.

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