Karen Conway New Jersey New York City STD Carrier

Vile, fat, fake blond bimbo. Her soul is even uglier than her face. You can smell her filthy t**t from a mile away, she needs to learn how to use deodorant and douche. She is a drunk and a drug addict who spreads various venereal diseases including herpes. When she has been drinking she will sleep with anything she doesn’t care if they are married or in a relationship or even if they are human, when drunk she would screw a dog and not blink an eye. Maybe that is why her t**t sinks as bad as it does.
She is known for badmouthing anyone she works for and with. She is a problem child in any work environment poisoning the workforce with her jealousy and hate. Her friends would be smart to be watchful when she is near their men as she likes to get men to cheat with her so she can feel better about herself. She is the worst friend anyone could have.
If this vile excuse for a women comes looking for a job, take a pass because she is nothing but bad news and regret.


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    Karen Conway is a vile horrid person. It is not surprising that her family and friends are also vile and horrid people.
    If you have any sense of decency, this is one bimbo to stay away from she is nothing but trouble. She is a neurotic, psychotic tramp. I hope Karma slaps her silly with a big ugly stick to match her ugly face. She should spend more time in a gym or exercising and less time eating and being a nasty tramp then maybe she wouldn’t have such a weight problem as she does. Try staying home and s******g your own man, instead of cheating with other women’s husbands and boyfriends, you disgusting trash.

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