Jared M. Chandler — Scottsdale, Arizona

Jared M. Chandler of Scottsdale, Arizona goes on seeking arrangement to find girls and offers them money to pay for his weird sexual fantasies. He had me shove four fingers in his bunghole while I was going down on his 3.5 inch peepee and that might be generous! This son of a b***h shows up in a Maserati and he brags about owning this real estate company called Chandler Hotel Group and then he has the nerve to say he didn’t bring any money. He flat out offered me four hundred and fifty dollars for s*x. He then took my venmo and has been nothing but nasty and refuses to make good on his promises. I hope that other girls read this before they are taken by this little peepee’d fukboi goof.


  1. hillary

    he kicked her to the curb without a kiss after he got his…but it sounds like she’s getting revenge with the details of his love muscle, something he can’t flex

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